He’s doin it for the kids…

I was flipping through channels about a week ago, when I stumbled upon pure gold. What I found was none other than Hip Hop Harry.

Hip Hop Harry2.jpg 

For those of you not yet in the know, HHH is essentially the new Barney, who attempts to relate to kids through the magic of Hip Hop as opposed to traditional learning methods. Every episode features original raps about everything from drinking water, to loving education, and treating people with respect.


 The show also features breakdancing, and other hip hop related activities Harry and the kids get involved in,  with the goal of learning.All good things, but honestly…Hip Hop Harry??

I have a feeling that Discovery Channel missed their intended 3-5 year old demographc, and instead gained a following of stoned teenagers. Big ups to education.


As much as the existance of this program surprised me, the identity of the ghost writer behind Harry caught me even more off guard. Hip Hop Harry is none other than…Def Jef,

platinum selling hip hop artist from the 80’s and early 90’s. Def Jef has worked with huge artists such as Tupac, Nas, and Snoop Dogg. I would say that this venture is a variation from his former projects.Oh well, I think its good to see someone trying to give back and use hip hop in a positive light instead of its often perceived negativity. Anyways, I still think the show is probably getting the wrong crowd, namely my deadbeat roommates.



  1. With today’s day and age, I’m really NOT surprised with HHH. I have young cousins who listen to the popular radio stations and know all the horrible words that are in the hip hop songs today. Thankfully, they do not know what half of the words mean, but thy like the beat. If HHH has a good beat and is sending a good message, I think he’s a great thing! I would much rather have my cousins listen to him than Kanye West!

  2. I commentd on someone else’s blog that it’s always cool to learn something new. Thanks for the background info on Hip-Hop Harry.

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